Sticks + Bars 

 Youth Marimba Ensemble

In Sticks+Bars, students will experience music, camaraderie, performance, and exploration. No experience is necessary to join; just a love of music, and the willingness to learn, make new friends, and communicate through the language of music.  We have a new home as of January, 2017!  We will hold rehearsals at DC Bilingual Public Charter School ​(33 Riggs Road, NE.  Washington D.C. 20011) beginning January 10th for ADVANCED and January 12 for GENERAL.

All students who have 1 year or less playing piano, percussion, or marimba will be in the GENERAL ENSEMBLE to get more attention and to focus on expanding their skills.  The General Rehearsal Ensemble will meet on THURSDAYS from 6:00-7:30pm.   Students who have more than 1 year of playing piano/percussion/marimba will be in the ADVANCED ENSEMBLE and will focus on challenging percussion pieces and building an advanced marimba repertoire.  The Advanced Ensemble will meet on TUESDAYS from 6:00-7:30pm.  NOTE:  Both groups will play together occasionally to prepare for performances.  Students move from General to Advanced based on these criteria:  time in S+B, commitment, ability, and behavior.

Advanced Class Rehearsal Dates:  TUESDAYS
total:  10 classes:  $100

General Class Rehearsal Dates:  THURSDAYS

total:  10 classes:  $100

Fees:  $100 for 10 classes.  Students should be prepared to commit to a full session of 10 classes.  Payment of cash or check made out to Sticks+Bars is due on the first class.  Students pay for their own S+B shirts.

Parents will be expected to participate in getting the marimbas to performances when possible.  

For more information, to attend a practice, or merely to observe, contact Premila Mistry at: